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Honoured customer, cooperation partners and fellow citizens

At this moment there is a lot of worries and uncertainty in the air. We want you to know that we take the spreading risk of corona virus very seriously and that we follow the given instructions.

Most of the happenings are cancelled or moved as we have been instructed. In this situation we also are avoiding social contacts even if it is not totally natural to us. Villa Elba is also quieting down, present physically or on distance is only the staff taking care of basic things and preparing for the future. We all at this point have to believe that our future is bright even if it at times is hard to believe.

Due to the emergency conditions are we going to offer some services and activities that are suitable for the situation and that can help us through the crises. By following us on SOME you will get more information when they are public/ready. And if you think of something else where we can be of assistance please be in touch – virtually of course!

And remember the hand and cough hygiene!