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Summer camps 2024

summer camps at Villa Elba

Summer camps 2024 Registration for Villa Elba’s children’s summer camps is now open! Explore the exciting range of camps and enroll your child. Spaces are limited, so be quick!   Bug camp 4.6.2024 At the camp, we explore and study insects that live on land and in water. We also get to know new friends […]

BLOG: Planet on a plate

people planting plants

BLOG: Planet on a plate Planet on a plate? -Reunion? -A high school reunion? These are questions that’s been asked of us, International club members, ever since the start of this project. So, let’s start by clarifying everything. Planet on a plate, or PoP. What does that mean? Briefly told, is a group of young […]

Emil’s experiences of volunteering

Emil Smolander has just completed his last exams and projects for his studies at Keski-Pohjanmaan ammattiopisto towards becoming a youth and community instructor. With his degree in hand, he looks to what lies ahead. Unsure if he will continue his studies or start work within the youth field, what he does know is that now […]

“One story of my life” – Enzo

Hello, my name is Enzo, I am French and now I am a volunteer in Finland in the municipality of Pedersöre. But before I get to that I tell you the whole story. I always had difficulties at school with a birth disease dyslexion, but with willpower and courage I overcame these difficulties and started […]

Hyvää Joulua!

Villa Elba suojelee suomalaista luontoa lahjoittamalla vuoden  joulukorttirahat Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitolle. Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto on maamme vanhin ja vaikuttavin ympäristöjärjestö, jolla on 150 paikallisyhdistystä ja tuhansia aktiiveja ympäri Suomen. Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto on suojellut luontoa menestyksekkäästi jo vuodesta 1938. Suomen luonnonsuojeluliiton joululahjoitus on lahja metsille, soille, vesille, ilmastolle ja kaikkien näiden asukkaille. Villa Elba kiittää kaikkia, asiakkaitaan, yhteistyökumppaneitaan […]

Youth Center Villa Elba – my personal love story

Working in the field of international youth work brought me to cooperation with Youth Center Villa Elba 20 years ago. Even before my first visit in Kokkola, the name of the Youth Center created a beautiful imagination in my fantasy: I like Villa’s. I spent some really nice time on the Italian island of Elba. And I […]

Blogg: ESC volunteer Varvara about life in Finland

If someone asks me what Finland is for me, I probably will not be able to find one single word to describe all my delight after 4 months here. For me it includes amazingly beautiful nature and fast-changing weather; simple, but amazing Finnish design and adorable moomins; wonderful people; sauna and unusual food, and much […]