When is Villa Elba open?

Villa Elba is usually open 8-16. If you would like to explore Elba’s courtyard in the evenings or on weekends, we recommend you do this in a manner which does not disturb the peace of our guests. Villa Elba’s  forest trails are open all the time. The best way to get there is to get to the parking lot.

Are you open during winter?

We are open all year from Monday to Friday 08-16.

Are you open in the evenings and weekends?

In the evenings as well as weekends we are usually open only by request with the exception of MonoCafe, which opens in mid February and is open during weekends.

Can I eat lunch at Villa Elba?

Yes, our lunch is usually served around 11.00. However, we recommend that you call and reserve in advance +358 6 831 3400

Can I rent skis or skates from Villa Elba?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have skis or skates to rent but we have ski poles which you can loan. We do have snowshoes that we rent for groups.

When does MonoCafe open?

Our popular cafe opens in mid-February and it stays open as long as the weather permits. MonoCafe is open on weekends from 11 am to 4 pm and on “schools ski holiday” everyday.

Do you organize wellness days for companies?

We have various types of programs for companies. On our website “Other activities -> Program services for adults, you will find a comprehensive program book.

Do you need to bring your own towels to the sauna facilities?

If you have booked a sauna evening from us there is no need to bring your own towels. If you have not booked any other services or facilities we ask you to bring your own towel. If you want to rent a towel the cost is 2,50 per towel.

What is the payment policy in terms of sauna and accommodation?

You do not need to pay in advance. You can pay when you come here with a credit card or with cash. Although, we favor billing so remember to send us your social security number and address in case you want to be billed.

Do you have alcohol rights?

In main building at Villa Elba we have alcohol rights.