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Safe visit at Villa Elba – fact sheet for customers

During these exceptional times we feel very much responsible for our customers and our staff’s health and security. In this info letter, you can find instructions and information about how we can do our best to ensure the safety of every customer, child, young person and adult. Please read these instructions carefully and, if needed, discuss them with your group before your arrival. We are happy to give you more information and answer your questions regarding safety.

There can be several groups at Villa Elba at the same time

  • The activities are organised so that there will be as little contact between the groups in the area as possible. It is important that all groups follow given guidelines and schedules.
  • Gatherings in groups over 50 people is still forbidden. We also recommend that the groups meet outside.

If you are coming to stay overnight at Villa Elba

  • Accommodation will be arranged spaciously.
  • The rooms will be cleaned daily, with the exception of bedrooms
  • Groups and customers should not visit each other’s facilities. All contact between groups and customers is to be avoided to prevent the spreading of diseases.


  • In June, every group will have their meals in separate rooms, one group at the time. Before the next group, the surfaces will be sanitized. Groups will be able to enter to eat at a given time when the rooms have been sanitized. The food will be distributed by our staff with suitable protective gear.
  • Everyone must clean their hands according to given instructions by the Finnish Institute for health and welfare. There will also be hand disinfectants available in the dining room.

The premises and the use of them

  • Assembling in the reception’s lobby is not allowed at the moment. We recommend assembling outside.
  • The kiosk is in the reception and it is open to different groups as agreed depending on the time schedule.
  • If the group is staying longer than one day, the rooms will be cleaned daily.
  • The doorknobs and the toilets are disinfected when needed, 1-2 times per day.


  • The group can bring their own protective gear like gloves and masks if they see a need for it. Villa Elba will not be distributing any to customers.
  • Remember to keep safety distance within the group. Avoid any unnecessary physical contact, like for example shaking hands or hugging.