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Summer camp for children

Welcome on Summer camp! The summer camp is for children from 7-12 years. During this camp we play traditional Finnish outdoor games, swim, build sand castles and make short trips to nearby forest. During the camp we speak Finnish, Swedish and English. Cost for one camp week is 65 € and it includes lunch, snack and programme.

Camp 1: 20-24.7

Camp 2: 27-31.7

Leiripäivä alkaa / Lägerdagen börjar / Camp day starts: 9.00

Leiripäivä loppuu / Lägerdagen slutar / Camp day ends: 16.00

Daily programme

09:00          Start of the day, games
10.00           Outdoor programme
11.30            Lunch

12.15            Outdoor programme
14:30           Snack

15.00           Games

16:00           End of the day

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