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Summer for Success: Running summer camps and renovating a cottage on an island.

European Solidarity Corps volunteers helped organize children's camps and renovated the Södra Trutklippan cottage in June 2024.

Ryhmä nuoria ja maskotti

During the five-week project, ten volunteers from various European countries were divided into two groups. The first group of five volunteers organized summer camps that were open to local children. The volunteers helped plan the camp programs and served as assistant instructors during the camps.

Approximately 60 children participated in these camps, and the volunteers succeeded in creating a safe, fun, and welcoming atmosphere for all participants. Thank you for helping children create unforgettable memories!

The other five enthusiastic volunteers worked on the nearby island of Södra Trutklippan, renovating the lighthouse keeper’s cottage there, and also assisted with various garden tasks at Villa Elba. The cottage renovation began by stripping off the old paint from the walls, doors, and fireplace, followed by applying a fresh coat of paint. The sauna benches were treated and varnished, and an old dilapidated outhouse was also removed. A big thank you to this hard-working group!

During the project, the youth stayed at Villa Marina, an old summer villa near Villa Elba.

Klippan mökki

Volunteers' experiences from the project.

”Working on the island was my favorite part of the project. It was very productive and interesting. I liked the tasks assigned to us and the way we carried them out. We worked as a team, supporting each other and achieving significant results.”

“It was a great feeling to take the boat every morning, having that view, it was a new
and enriching experience.”

”My favorite moment from this volunteering experience was probably our last day on the island. We finished all our tasks, then walked a lot, relaxed, had a sauna, and swam in the bay. We were brought fake champagne and sat on the bay and joked that we were very rich people.”

“Living all together was the best way to create unforgettable moments. We had enough space to have moments alone if necessary and living together in this type of summer cottage allowed us to get closer.”

“I feel like I have grown and evolved in my way of thinking and seeing the world. Also spending 5 weeks outside of my comfort zone pushed me to dare to try new things.”

” It was an incredible experience, because of the freedom and the great team we have built”

“It was a rewarding experience which was very fullfilling as the children showed great appreciation to all the volunteers who conducted the camp. Working with children with disabilities and from different cultural backgrounds has really opened my eyes to the world we live in.”


Support organisations & volunteers

CUBIC (Cultur & Bildung im Context), Austria

Eurasia net, France

Kharkiv Association for Active Youth “Stella”, Ukraine

Atelier Europeo, Italy

Eures i Norge, Norway

Soite kotouttamispalvelut, Finland

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