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Youth Center Villa Elba is located by the Baltic Sea, just about four kilometers from the Kokkola town center. We offer interesting programs, good food and cozy accommodation in a beach and forest environment. Our Old Villa is also a popular business meeting and festivity venue.

Our main expertise is youth work. We are a nationwide youth center supported and supervised by the Ministry of Education and Culture. We offer ideal facilities for various types of youth camps. Every year we also organize several international youth camps. In Finland national youth centers have a public and social role to support the growth and development of children and young people. We provide a safe operating environment and expert service for young people and educators.

For adult customers, we offer attractive and functional facilities for meeting, training and festivities. We have five different sized facilities that can serve groups from two to 190 people. For organizations, we also provide services related to work well-being. 

Next to us is a bird sanctuary with nature trails. In many respects, our programs are focused on sea experiences and environmental education.

Come and enjoy the Villa Elba’s ambience, sea and forest adventures!

For more information about other youth centers:  www.snk.fi

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