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Here are some tips for subjects:

Youth Center      

  • How Youth Center Pedagogy is implemented in youth centers
  • The role of human rights education in the everyday life of the youth center
  • How does a client experience this Place?
    • / Service / Atmosphere
  •  Customer Experience
  • Youth center as a service provider
    • Profiling in the field of tourism
  • Trainee Guide to the world of Youth Centers
    • Guiding the learner at work
  • Music included in Youth Center programs
    • How?       
photo of children

International youth work

  • Eg: ESC today
    • Where are you? Has the volunteer period in Finland / abroad affected your career plans?
  • ESC who stayed
    • Some will stay / study. Why?
  • Effect of a short ESC cycle
    • Interview Survey. Expectations? What are the practical skills I have learned during this period?
    • How do you feel? : language skills, stereotypes, xenophobia, practical skills, world values

Nature School / Environmental Education

  • Program package for independent groups

Youth information

  • Developing peer-to-peer communication
    • How to set up a peer education system for young people in a remotely populated area?