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Teaching materials

Did you run out of ideas, but you should go out into the nature with your class? Take a look at our material or look at the MAPPA material for inspiration!

We lend and rent certain tools for environmental and foreign education to local teachers. We also have extensive literature. Ask more!

LINK TO MAPPA https://mappa.fi/fi/etusivu

Nature school’s own material you can also find from  Publications

Materials related to Villa Elba’s vicinity

Discover our courtyard in advance!! Map

Villa Elba is located in a scenic location on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia. From our yard, Rummelö-Harrbåda birdwatching begins. Rummelö-Harrbåda birdwatching path.


There are two bird towers and a bird watching platform along the Brochure  http://www.kokkola.fi/palvelut/ymparisto_ja_luonto/luonnon_virkistyskaytto/ulkoilualueet/fi_FI/rummelo_harrbada/_files/91481933488658874/default/Rummel%F6n%20esite%20A4.pdf

The beach, the volleyball field on the beach, campfire sites and barbecue facilities, two playgrounds and various gathering places for different groups offer many opportunities for our clients of different ages.


It is possible to move freely in our yard. From the parking lot to the grill roof, the boardwalk is 100 cm wide. The path was built in November-December 2014 as project work by EVS volunteers. (In the yard map, point 10)
Birdwatch (point 11 on the yard map) is equipped with a ramp, so you can also get there on wheels


Children, young people and adults participating in our programs can borrow the clothes needed for outdoor activities. You can borrow rubber boots, rainwear and a variety of warm clothes. However, we do not have enough clothing for to a larger group.

In addition to outdoor play equipment, we also have board games!

Orienteering course

With the support of Brita Maria Renlund Foundation, Villa Elba has built 20 an orienteering course in Sannanranta. The course is available to anyone interested in orienteering.


kiintorastit_tiedote.pdf (223,46 kilotavua)

The codes are not published on our website. You can get a list of the codes from Villa Elba’s Nature school.

Feedback, inquiries, development suggestions and bug reports can be sent to Nature school.

You can also use the MOBO mobile app (linkki https://mobo.suunnistus.fi/). Download the MOBO app from your app store and search for the word Elba. An easy way to arrange navigation for a school group!

For more information:

Nature school tel. 050 366 1833, luontokoulu (at) kokkola.fi