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Sponsored class activity is the cornerstone of Kokkola Nature School. Sponsored class activity enables the long-term environmental education for school classes and at the same time serves as a source of inspiration for teachers. Elementary classes from to 3-5 can apply to become a sponsored class. Activities are free for schools. The activity is funded by the City of Kokkola’s educational and environmental departments.

What is a sponsored class?

дети на велосипедах

A sponsored class is a school class with regular nature school days during one academic year. The nature school program is based on the curriculum of the Nature School, which in turn is based on the curriculum of the national school curriculum. The sponsored class activity is evaluated based on feedback from teachers and students.

The year begins in August with the search of sponsored classes. Between September and April, the class spends eight days in nature school every month. The year culminates in May with an excursion planned by the teacher and the class

The aim of the activities is to support teachers to implement environmental education through functional methods. At the same time, the aim is to develop a closer relationship between children and young people with the nature through positive experiences.

What happens in Nature School?

The school is open all year round. Nature School Days are built around different themes, utilizing the seasons. Topics are covered through own observations, games or experientially created situations or ‘simulators’ of nature. As the days are implemented in an environment different from normal, classroom skills develop beyond nature related skills. According to the feedback from the teachers, activities have also developed for example improved classroom skills and class spirit.

Independent nature school days

We offer school’s in Kokkola the opportunity to create their own day in the Nature School under the guidance of their own teacher. We have the tools and material available for organizing nature classes in the yard or in the surrounding area.

For more information:

Nature School, tel. +358 50 366 1833, luontokoulu (at) kokkola.fi