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Nuotta-coaching is a group-based coaching session for young people needing social support. The nuotta-coaching gives young people a break from their daily activities, creating activities supporting everyday life and giving views for future possibilities. During the training session, young people can try new things and perhaps even find a new hobby for themselves.

Nuotta-coaching in Villa Elba

Villa Elba’s programs usually take place in the surrounding area, on the shores and waves of the Baltic Seapeople sit on a surfboard and sometimes in the center of Kokkola. Social skills are practiced in a new environment. The discussions about life situations and new experiences are important, and enough time is reserved for them. Young people also get to hear about international opportunities. Adventurous activities, handicrafts and exercise in groups strengthen teamwork skills and confidence.

  • Coaching is free of charge for young people who need social support for the ages of 13-28 year olds. (Including accommodation, activites, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.)
  • Duration of training is 1-5 days.
  • Popular programs have been for example, kayaking, archery, urban adventure, overnight stay in an island, ice fishing, mountain biking, cartooning, climbing, and escape room.
  • As a novelty, we offer groups a “last night dinner” and the theme can be selected from the following; crab feast, tex-mex evening or 4-course dinner.
  • There must be at least one instructor in the group

Leisure time and talking together in the evenings is important for building trust between employees and young people. Coaching helps young people find their own strengths and encourages them to work in a group. In addition, Nuotta-coaching gives the employee the opportunity to strengthen the confidential relationship with the young person and to follow the group’s activities in a new environment.

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For more information:

Nuotta coach Kaija Lackström, 040 530 0054, kaija.lackstrom@villaelba.fi

“It’s a pleasure to see when young people push their limits and encourage each other during performances. Such prolonged and intense togetherness in a different environment than usual helps to see different sides of the youth and has enabled deeper conversations with many.”

Feedback from the youth workshop instructor about the Nuotta training.