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the girl hid behind a tree

According to the Youth Act, youth center activities include the ability to develop youth work. We are implementing this task especially through projects. The contents of the projects vary according to the needs of society and the region, as well as with the ongoing project funding. At national level, we have for a long time received funding for various development projects from the Brita Maria Renlund Foundation, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Svenska Kulturfonden and the Western and Inner Finland Regional Administrative Agency. The aims have been for example, development of youth activities in swedish, nature school activities, information and counseling services for young people, internationalization at home and global education. The projects have been regional, local and also national.

In the field of youth work we are a well-known international project actor. We carry out international projects mainly with partners from ENYC and Platform networks. We cooperate with various youth workers and organizations in Finland. Internationally, Erasmus + provides funding for projects such as education, youth exchange, solidarity, and strategic development.